United Kingdom’s Story of Welcome

This profile highlights the early years of the Inclusive Cities initiative, led by Oxford University’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS). The events and activities described took place between 2018-2020.


Inclusive Cities is a knowledge exchange program led by the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity at the University of Oxford. It supports cities in the U.K. to facilitate the welcoming, and subsequent integration and inclusion of newcomers. The program provides the intersection between academic research, peer learning between local cities, and international learning via their partnership with Welcoming International. 

“Our aim is to facilitate social change, not just study it. It means that we are stepping outside of the traditional activity of universities, and while everything is grounded in research we are experimenting a little bit, particularly through this idea of knowledge exchange.”

Jacqui Broadhead – Inclusive Cities

“We decided to develop a new approach to supporting migrants who have no recourse to public funds. Because of the Inclusive Cities network, we can call other cities that are already doing such work and use their expertise.”

Ellen Kiely and Julie Kashirahamwe – Liverpool City Council

“The support and input from Welcoming International has been really helpful. The examples of work happening in other countries–particularly New Zealand and Australia–have also been incredibly valuable in helping us to develop our framework. This sense of broader international solidarity and understanding–that other people are in the same situation as they are–was very powerful for our cities, and gave them a lot of energy.”

Jacqui BroadheadInclusive Cities


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